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The following are copies of documents for equipment in N73015. These are for planning purposes only and do not subsitute for the official documentation in the aircraft.


The following are free resources you may find useful for flight planning.

Filing Information

The following lists filing codes for filing VFR/IFR flight plans in N73015.

Item Value
Aircraft Color W/R/GD
FAA Equipment /A
ICAO Equipment D S
ICAO Surveillance C U1
ICAO Wake Category L

Weight and Balance

The following weight and balance calculator is an aid to help you plan accordingly when flying N73015 (C172M).

This tool is provided with no warranty and makes no guarantees of accuracy. It is the responsibility of the pilot in command to verify all weight and balance values before flight.

Weight (lbs) Arm (in) Moment (in-lb)
Empty Weight
Front Seats  
Fuel (gallons 100LL)
Rear Seats  
Baggage Area 1 (max 120 lbs)
Baggage Area 2 (max 50 lbs)
Weight (lbs) Arm (in) Moment (in-lb) Maneuvering (KIAS)
Zero Fuel