About us

We are a small flying club located at the Hayward Executive airport (KHWD) with a few long time members. Due to recent vacancies we would like to add a handful of compatible members.

The club owns a clean and well-maintained 1976 Cessna 172M that has a recently overhauled engine, a renovated interior, and recent exterior paint. The plane is fully paid for and we have adequate reserves in place. The club has been in existence since 1946, and is organized as a non-profit corporation.

Reasons to join our club:

. The lowest hourly rates in the entire bay area.

. One of the lowest initial membership share price of any club.

. Located centrally in the bay area, and easily accessible from major freeways.

. Excellent availability of the plane, especially during weekdays.

. We charge dry TACH hourly rates (a savings of about 10%-20% over HOBBS)

. We have two instructors in the club who can do training and checkouts.

. The club allows student pilots as members.

Contact our Club President by email at president@alamedaflyingclub.com for more information.