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ADS-B 101: The basics of ADS-B

If you need to understand what ADS-B is then you need to watch this YouTube video. It is a good introduction to the subject.

Excellent article on the Cessna C-172

The Cessna C-172 that the club owns is a 1976 model that has served the club well over the years. Many pilots have learned to fly in our Club plane. We came across an interesting article on the Cessna C-172 that goes into the history of this make and model and reveals some interesting facts about the C-172. Click here to read the article

F-35B Ship Suitability Testing

Here is a how the F-35B was tested prior to being accepted by the Military.

Unusual positions!

One of our members took some aerobatic training from another FBO and brought us back some video to watch.

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